Order and Cancel

Order from Jivan-Mukti B.V. works very easily. Our ordering process consists of four clear steps. Your order will not be final until you have confirmed the order. You can adjust everything to your liking for that.

1. Select your products

– With the button In shopping cart you add a product. If you want to order multiple copies, go to the shopping cart, adjust the number and click on the Update shopping cart button.

– Did you think? Click on the cross on the left side of the product in the shopping cart to remove a product.

– Ready with shopping? Then click the Continue to checkout button under SHOPPING TOTALS.

2. Enter your address details

– In the screen ACCOUNT you can enter your address details or log in as an existing customer. We use this information for sending your order. Fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory to fill in.

– In Order notes you can specify the date you want.

3. Choose your payment method

– By iDEAL is currently the only payment method.
Do you not wish to order via the internet? Call us at +31 (0)55-7852719.

4. Confirm your order

Have you filled in everything and is everything right? Then you can complete the order with the Place order button.
Do you want to change something? Then go to the shopping cart and adjust your order.

What happens after placing an order

After we have received your order, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail. Here you will find an overview of all ordering information. Have you not received an e-mail? Check that the confirmation did not end up in the junk e-mail or spam folder. If that is not the case, please contact us directly. You can reach us at number +31 (0)55-7852719.

Do not order via the internet?

– Do you not want to order via the internet?
– Do not know which product you need exactly?
– Do you want advice or do you have questions?
Call us at +31 (0)55-7852719.

Cancel or change

If you want to change or cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible. You can reach us at number +31 (0)55-7852719.


(download the following model withdrawal form as PDF document )

Model withdrawal form

(only fill in this form and return it when you want to cancel the contract)

  • To: Jivan-Mukti B.V.
    Postbus 2116
    7317 AZ Apeldoorn
  • I / We * share / share * hereby inform you that I / we * our agreement concerning the sale of the following products: [ product designation ] * the delivery of the following digital content: [ indication digital content ] * the transaction of the following service: [ service designation ] *,
    recall / revoke *
  • Ordered on * / received on * [ date of ordering with services or receipt of products ] </ li>
  • [ consumer name(s) ]
  • [ consumer(s) address ]
  • [ signature consumer(s) ] (only when this form is submitted on paper)

* Delete what is not applicable or fill in what is applicable.